Tips to Be a #Sustainable City-Dweller

From the very start, Split has sought innovative ways to make a positive impact on the world around us, on both a local and global scale. “Think Sustainable” is listed first in our company values for a reason: Sustainability is an important value in our mission of building happier, healthier cities. When mentioning sustainability, we think about it in every sense of the word; from environmental, to practicality, to business implications, and so forth. Split’s goals are to reduce the collective carbon footprint by filling empty seats, providing a lasting and efficient transportation solution that people can rely on, and building a sustainable business that will meaningfully impact transportation. We hope to change the way the world understands the concept of sustainable transportation (even if it means explaining it as a game).

There are countless ways minimize your carbon footprint and lead a sustainable lifestyle. Riding Split is certainly one of them, but we’re sure you already know that -- so we’ve decided to put together a list of small things you can do to make a big difference.


At Work

Take the stairs

Elevators use a lot of energy. It may take a few more minutes, but the stairs will make your glutes will look absolutely fabulous.


Use reusable containers

Glass containers are healthier, happier, and classier than styrofoam. Plus, they don’t make that annoying squeaky noise every time you open them.


Eat (a little) less red meat

When you’re not bringing lunch, try going for the turkey sandwich before the burger. Producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 20 miles. That’s a whole lot of Split rides.


Take notes on your computer

With fancy features like ‘copy/paste’ and ‘delete,’ taking notes with your computer will save space, time, and trees.


Print double-sided

If you must print something, use that double-sided setting. If possible, try to keep your documents digital, and avoid printing altogether!


Bring your own fork

Disposable utensils are convenient- but there’s nothing like the real thing. If they don’t have them in your office, bring your own!



At Home

Turn off the lights

Saving energy also helps save money. Find what works best for you.


Unplug when not using

Even if your device isn’t on, it’s still drawing power. Save some energy and unplug a device when it’s not in use.


Turn off the faucet

The typical water usage when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or cleaning the dishes can be more than 6 gallons a day. You can cut down on that by being a little more selective with your water.


Use rags instead of paper towels

Those old towels from day camp; clothes that remind you of your ex; pretty much anything can be used as an alternative to paper towels. Bonus: you can wash and reuse, too!


Cook more (eat local, buy local)

The average fresh food item on your dinner table travels 1,500 miles to get there- you can probably reduce that mileage by taking a trip to your local farmer’s market. Plus, posting someone else’s food on Instagram just isn’t as fun.


Start a garden

… or become a farmer yourself! Whether it’s produce or terrariums, green gives back!




Shop for the week

Shopping for the week helps keep food that goes to waste at a minimum. Plus it helps keep you adventurous. No two dinners need be the same!


Get to know your community

Befriending your neighbors is not only fun, but encourages a culture of sharing- something Split is, literally, all about… literally.


Bring your own shopping bag

After-work shopping trips to the grocery store can be fun- especially when it turns into a fashion show. Show off your style. Bring your own bag!


... and lastly... Ride Split!

No better way to live a sustainable urban lifestyle than to build it into your daily transportation routine. Book a seat and share the ride - the city will thank you!