Discover: Rooster & Owl

For Rooster & Owl, dining out is more than just a meal: it's a shared experience, which we understand pretty perfectly here at Split.



The name was so cleverly inspired by its co-founders, Yuan Tang and Carey Russell. As it turns out, the two had opposite work schedules, but managed to unite around their common love for food and dining. One the rooster, one the owl, it only made sense that they could find the middle ground that brightens everyone's day.

Yuan Tang is a Michelin-star trained chef who, along with his partner, brings the thrill and precision of fine dining, and packages it into a comfortable and casual format. Whether you're in the mood for their Goldbar Squash Elote, or their Tempura Zucchini blossoms with Peach and ‘Nduja compote, you can enjoy a season-driven menu packed with plenty of vegetables. 

They have been hosted as a pop-up in various parts of DC, and the events have been nothing but positive. Featuring local distilleries, breweries, and produce, as well as desserts by Pastry Chef Corey Jamison (of Fiola & Gramercy Tavern), they are an absolute must try. 

Visit their next launched pop-up on September 16-17 at Mess Hall DC. Tickets are available here, or you can just visit their website for more details.