Split - Share & Save

a new chapter for split

On October 3, 2016 Split will be discontinuing our shared ride service in DC to refocus our efforts on the next generation of transportation challenges.


Split App

how to ride

Step 1: Request A Ride

1. Request a Ride

Our technology instantly finds the best ride for you and shows you the price before you book.

Step 2: Walk to Your Ride

2. Walk to Your Pickup

Just a block or so away.

Step 3: Grab a Seat

3. Grab a Seat

We'll pickup and dropoff other people along the way.

Step 4: Share & Save

4. Share & Save

Save money every time, no matter how many people ride.

where to ride

We have a plan. Start in the heart of DC, and then expand to cover all of the DC area. For now, we pickup and dropoff anywhere within the green area.

We'll be in your neighborhood soon — tweet at us if you're ready to Split!

Why to Ride With Us


You know the price before you book.
All rides $2 base fare + $1 per mile.

& sustainable

We serve more passengers with fewer vehicles, helping reduce traffic and your carbon footprint.

shared rides

Our clever little algorithm is optimized so that everyone gets to their destination efficiently.


We think local. We bring people together and keep the city moving.

we're split.

We're improving our cities and communities by providing smart, sustainable, and affordable shared rides. With Split, everybody wins — our passengers, our drivers and our communities.